Software Projects


These are our current software projects. Working Alphas in terms of development.
Dot Swarm – Mac OS X Application

Dot Swarm is one of the very few tools out there that can animate and combine Point Clouds. On top of that, it’s probably the only one that works on Mac. Other systems are based in the world of GIS and Engineering. The focus of Dot Swarm is more in the world of film making, allowing a 2d layer to be animated along camera 3d tracks.

Here’s a quick demo of the basic functions of Dot Swarm.  We convert a bunch of PLY files into our native file format GPB, then add them to our scene using scale, rotate, re-origin to get them all in the same place.  We set up a basic camera move with the SLERP function to show how the scene works, plus a very quick demo of Bucketing, our system of simplifying the point cloud for ease of use when previewing a scene.

These are some of the functions Dot Swarm supports, plus many more.

  • GBP – A native 3d file format for input models.
  • GPD – Dot Swarm’s Project File Format
  • PLY importing
  • Perspective, Orthographic and Anaglyphic Viewing modes
  • Fullscreen
  • Importing Camera paths in x,y,z and Matrix camera paths.
  • Point Bucketing & Randomization
  • Point Color Grading & Keying
  • Solid and Point rendering
  • OpenGL Render engine
  • SLERPing (spherical linear interpolation movements)
  • Multilayered Timeline
  • All objects attributes keyframeable
  • Keyframe Editor
  • Transformation Stacker for combining movements
  • Point Attenuation
  • FFT Animated Ocean Plugin
  • Animated Point Cloud layers


GoogleImageSearch-2-3d – Crowd Sourced 3d Model Creation

A server side app that allows a Google Image Search to download any number of images to build a 3d Point Cloud, then optionally it will Poisson Mesh and colour the model. Used for “Sifted” to model the Colosseum, Stonehenge, Bhutan Temple plus more. Also can interface with Youtube/Vimeo/Flickr to add searches. Uses Amazon EC2 as the host machine to maximize speed.



BinBeach – Avid Bin Creation

An Avid Bin Interface. Reverse engineered from Avid bins to allow creating new Avid Bins, Sequences and manipulate MetaData.  Will eventually use the Dot Swarm timeline when it becomes a plugin to GP, then possibly become a great new NLE.

Avid Bin Dump

Logger – A DIT Tool from Card to Edit Suite

An Arri Alexia logger and data backup tool for DIT work. Uses FFmpeg as the render server, works spread across multiple machines, populates the data ready for Avid. Can access a QTake database to extract the Video Split operator’s Slate and Take information, Star ratings etc. Built as an all in one DIT system, allowing Video Split Operators to do their job whist doing data encoding/transferring.


FistBlue – Street Fighter II OpenGL/OS X re-implementation

Although impossible to disclose the software itself without a long meeting with Capcom, Street Fighter II has been reverse engineered into C99.

In a search to find out if the Invisible Throw bug was a bug or intentional, Ben Torkington made began a huge quest into Reverse Engineering the entire Street Fighter 2 ROMs and making it a playable game displayed in OpenGL.

OS X / Linux



Command Line Projects – will be in our SVN…
Lens Calibration for better alignment of Handheld HDRs.
Checks EXIF tags for Lens and Focal Length then Undistorts once lens profiles are made. Useful for Zoomlenses, maintains a SQL database of lens info for every focal length.
Makes an HTML5 gallery with Fancybox pix for Vimeo/Youtube/Stills
Converts VSFM back to Bundler (only the layout, needed to VSFM in Dot Swarm)
Convert LAS Laser Scans to PLY
To reduce the number of matches checked for a VSFM sequence, a neighbouring list of matches is made consisting of n +/-1, n +/-5 + random. Speeds things up a lot.
Bundles every possible init pair. Can be useful on smaller sets.