The first shared “Floto”, July 10th 2017

“You might be tempted to think this is just a cool experiment, but don’t be surprised when Mark Zuckerberg rips it off and it’s suddenly packaged with Instagram.”

Gizmodo’s Rhett Jones

Floto v1.0 – Released 10th November 2017

Floto became an ARKit first when it’s demos hit the iOS AR rush in mid 2017.  Floto’s works featured in many techblogs over the following months.  Although novel and quirky, Floto has moved from being a one trick pony into a fully featured Augmented Reality photography app that demonstrates how all cameras will function in the future.

Just a few of the many articles about Floto – Gizmodo, Engadget, Wired, UploadVR, Vodafone….


Flotogram allows users to take photos in their surrounds, then view them as if the photo stayed where it was taken. Flotos can be animated, scaled, blended, saved, loaded, shared and recorded as video.

Flotogram V1.1

Coming soon.  Floto now features Google Poly import, Camera depth of field lens effects, auto focus, lighting and much more.