About us

Ben Torkington

ben_torkington_wbgBen Torkington is a programmer with a background in IT, Film and Television, Electronics & Reverse Engineering.  He’s also a trained, professional stunt tweeter.  He works in C, Objective C, OpenGL, Perl, Machine Code plus any other way you could interface with a computer’s complicated life force.

Dan Monaghan


dan@luckybulldozer.com +6421-0654-655

Photogrammetry Specialist, Film-maker, Digital Artist. Dan works in Film & Television industry as a DIT.  Dan’s passions lie in the world of Photogrammetry and the aquisition of 3d models from photographs.  Athough not a great programmer, Dan is pretty good at whipping up a bash script or two to help automate the vast amount of data that has to be dealt with when using modern digital cinema cameras such as Arri, Red, Canon DLSRs.  Also skilled in the use of FFMpeg and many other open-source tools available in the Linux/Mac world.